+Thursday, March 09, 2006+
Well, I wasn't going to update until I got the call from Matt that he was in the states, but since some people are impatient for an update (*cough*brittkarenlaurenjennifer*cough ....just kidding, I love you guys!), I figured I'd appease everyone with a little bit of info.

As far as I know, Matt is not yet back in the states nor is he still in Afghanistan. If everything went according to plan, he should be on a plane heading back to the states at this very moment (or at least getting ready to get on that plane somewhere in some European country...I'm partly being vague because of the whole OPSEC thing and partly because I don't remember the name of the base he told me).

Originally we thought he'd be back in Reno by March 15, but a lot happened (and by "a lot" I mean, they decided it wasn't crucial to get the guys out of there in any sort of hurry) - this upset a good many people at the base they'll be demobing at as they're working on a tight schedule and that caused a lot more to happen (by "a lot more" I mean, they got their asses in gear and started moving the guys out of there). Now it's looking like sometime next weekend for Reno arrival...hey, maybe he'll be home in time for St. Patty's Day!!

I have been absolutely erratic. With Matt nearly home, I've decided it's high time I do the laundry that's been fermenting in his closet since January 2005 (a little gross, I know, but you try washing the only thing that carries your significant other's scent when you know he's not going to be home for over a year...no easy task!), so that's in the plans for the weekend. House teased me with a new episode on Tuesday and then the awful knowledge that I won't have a new episode to carry me through next week - bastards!! What was "clean enough" is sparkling now and I still find myself seeking out things that could use a little more touching up. And I've decided that nothing - nothing - in my closet is appropriate to be the outfit I wear to Matt's homecoming (if you were to see my closet, you would realize just how sad that is).

So I've started shopping. Not like that's some extraordinary feat for me. Shopping therapy is what helped me in the hardest of times during this deployment, but on the downside, I'm one of those people who's so frivolous, I should probably seek counseling for this problem...odd, how therapy can be a problem at the same time. I've figured that throughout the course of the deployment I've probably bought about 20 new outfits - that's being modest - and out of those 20+ outfits, not a single one of them is fit to be the thing I wear for the first time I'll have seen my honey in 9 months.

Yesterday I went to Target on my lunch break to pick up some birthday cards for the 23652354 billion people I know who were born in the month of March (since there's that many people in the world and all...) and a cute halter tank top caught my eye. Since I was on my break and didn't have much time, I just grabbed it without trying it on - I tell you, on the rack it looked like the perfect shirt for the occassion. I tried it on when I got home from work, and while I don't regret buying it because I will wear it, it's not that "perfect shirt."

Today I've spent perusing my two favorite websites to shop at -Forever21.com and WetSeal.com (we have a Wet Seal at the mall here, but I have issues with actually going to the store to shop because I usually end up having some sort of snotty confrontation with a "bad ass" high school girl. I simply cannot resist myself). I think I found the perfect shirt at Wet Seal. So I bought it.....and a cute dress that I just couldn't resist....See, that's the problem with browsing, I always end up getting more than I bargained for. My new shirt (and unnecessary dress) are being shipped by 2-day air and should be arriving on Saturday. Please cross your fingers for me that it's the one so I don't spend any more money!!!

I'll update again as soon as I know Matt's landed safe and sound in the good ol' U.S. of A. IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE 3/10/06: I got a call from Matt last night! The good news: he is officially OUT of the 'Stan!! The bad news: he's not back in the states yet. He listed off to me all the countries they're hopping through to get home - half of them which I never even knew existed - so it might not be till Monday that he arrives back in the states. At least the trek home has began!! I was so excited that he's finally out of Afghanistan, I laughed uncontrollably for about 20 minutes after we hung up LOL.

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