+Tuesday, March 14, 2006+
I'm so excited I doubt my ability to form coherent sentences so if I start to blabber or make excessive typos - bear with me! After flying through numerous countries - something that began with a K or a C that I've never heard of, Germany, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Indiana (I know, not a country...) - Matt finally arrived at Ft. Lewis, Washington early early early Monday morning...so early, in fact, that when my phone rang, I said out loud to myself, "That better be Matt calling to tell me he's in the states." THANK GOD IT WAS!!!

We talked a couple times on Monday - all the while I was adjusting to the fact that finally we're in the same time zone again instead of him sailing through his days 12 and a half hours ahead of me. No more early morning calls!! Well, save for that one to tell me he was back in the states....And that certainly wasn't the typical 3 a.m. early morning call (in fact, it came at 6 a.m. which is pretty much when I should be getting out of bed for work anyway). I spent Monday with an ear-to-ear grin that just wouldn't quit.

I met up with my friend Amanda after work yesterday to start working on the massive 18-foot American flag themed banner Matt will be welcomed home with. It's not finished yet, but I promise pictures as soon as it is!! No word from Matt last night, but he knew I was meeting up with Amanda and had said he probably wouldn't call...still no word from him today either, but it is only 7:15....

Today is the day that really got the blood flowing - driving home from work I saw a Chinook flying over Reno and proceeded to scream my head off. There's a good chance the Chinook wasn't even from our unit, but nonetheless, it's one of THOSE things. As soon as I got home, I clicked on the news to watch while I did my cardio on my ridiculous little stationery bike. Lo and behold, the local station had made a trek up to Ft. Lewis to film the arrival of our unit. Better yet? I SAW MATT!! Granted, he was half cut off by the camera, there was absolutely no mistaking that it was him - at the end of the segment, my parents even called me to ask if I'd seen Matt on the news.

And best of all - I received an email at 5:31 this evening with the DATE and TIME of the HOMECOMING CEREMONY. As soon as I saw an email from the family group, I was yelling at my computer to open the email faster - things move so slow when you're vehemently wishing they would do otherwise. Are you ready for this?? Matt will be home SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! MATT WILL BE HOME IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wishing matt was here @ 7:25 PM+

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