+Friday, January 20, 2006+
7 weeks. That's approximately how much longer it will be before I'm in Matt's arms again. It could be more. It could be less. But it will be in March, and I'm hanging on tightly to the fact that in 11 days or so I will be able to accurately state that Matt will be home "next month." Come on February!! (Really we know I'm rooting for March, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Short term goals are accomplished sooner.) 7 weeks may seem like nothing compared to the 54+ I've already done, but if they're anywhere near as tedious as the last 2 or 3 weeks have been, boy, am I in for the longest 7 weeks of my life.

The unofficial date to stop sending mail is January 23 (hooray!), so today I trekked to the post office and sent off the last package I'll be mailing Matt in Afghanistan, containing the last letter I'll be writing him while he's there. I love the word LAST! I bid adieu to the postal workers whose faces have become so familiar this last year, who know me by name and have made my "package mailing experience" as easy and idiot-proof as possible (how could I ever have afforded all those packages without the introduction of the wonderful flat-rate box?). I left the post office skipping, not giving a good damn whether people were staring and thinking to themselves how very odd it was that a 23-year old woman would be skipping, because the accumulation of all these little things will ultimately build up to the the main event: Matt's homecoming.

We've talked nearly every day this week, and all we ever talk about is our renion, but the topic never gets old. I became so adept to going days (and on the rare occassion, weeks) without talking to Matt, but now, toward the end, I've become dependent on hearing his voice to get me through the day, to help me fall asleep at night, and it makes me grin that Matt feels the same way because he continues to call me every day (the consistent 3 a.m. phone calls have taken a bit of a toll on my sleep, but it's not like I've had a good night sleep in 7 and a half months anyway...). I miss him so much, and have made it clear that I will not hesitate to push and shove his family out of the way to get to him first. I probably won't have to, but one must be prepared for everything, and while I know his family has missed him very much, I stand very firmly on the fact that no one (save for Matt) has been affected by this deployment as deeply as I have....

Yesterday I booked a DJ for our wedding, and have thusfar been able to immerse myself enough in planning to not be completely intolerant of the time seemingly passing so slowly. With the homecoming getting closer, I've even been able to start getting excited about the wedding - I've officially become one of those brides who can't shut up about her wedding. Subconsciouly I know no one cares nearly as much as I do, but consciously, I don't care that they don't care...LOL. 2006 is going to be a wonderful, wonderful year!!

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