+Sunday, September 04, 2005+
I haven't really felt like posting lately...My first week of school wore me out! Throughout the summer months, I'd forgotten how draining it can be. I took everyone's advice and decided to drop my 3rd class, and wow! Am I glad I did! I got a phone message the other day that they'd "reinstated" my class that they'd cancelled for the semester, but I don't even have the desire to take it. I had about 2 and a half hours worth of homework on Tuesday night and that was just from the first day of school! I haven't a clue how I would've fit that in if I'd taken that Tuesday night class as originally planned...

I was supposed to go visit my friend H this weekend (she lives about 2 hours away), but in light of the gas prices, it just wasn't possible. I make enough money to pay for gas to get to and from work and errands, but it would be frivolous and wasteful to take a "road trip" (no matter how short). I don't think she was very happy that I decided not to come - I don't think I've been out to visit her since the 4th of July; every trip to see each other has been her to me. In some ways I'm glad I wasn't able to make it out there. There's so much I have to get done around the house this weekend, and after an exhausting week, I'm not minding so much being solitary and lazy (I haven't really gotten to the "around the house" chores yet, but I have watched about a billion movies. I even watched Ever After twice 'cause they played it back to back on the Oxygen channel...LOL).

The gas here is averaged around $3.15 per gallon. One of my coworkers came into work Friday morning claiming that we were running out of gas and stations were closing, so I ran out in a rush - my gas light was on - and managed to fill up at $2.99. Not even 2 hours later that station had already increased it's prices to $3.09; anything less than that had lines pouring out into the street, and I know we're probably around the best prices in the country. Hearing that prices had reached nearly $6 per gallon in parts of Georgia is absolutely appalling to me! I vaguely recall hell being raised when gas prices around here reached $1.75ish, and I hate that we've been conditioned to think that's "good." But what're ya gonna do? As long as people need gas, they'll pay for it. I'm reminded almost daily by the morning show I listen to that driving is a privilege, not a right.

In light of the gas crisis, I've started driving with my windows down. I'm an air conditioning junkie and my car is a small chunk of hell without it (it's all black - interior and exterior), but it also guzzles gas when I have it on, so in an attempt to save some gas, I've opted to sacrifice my frigid recirculated air for the sweltering "natural" air. It's at least not so bad this month as it was in July and August - fall is definitely in the air - but it's still hot, and I hate heat. Driving with my windows down has proven to be a little bit of an adventure because I talk to myself in my car. A lot. I have road rage and yell and curse and have more than once claimed "What the hell are you looking at?" at a stop light, only remembering that my windows are down when these people avert their eyes quickly. It's a reminder to me that I really need to reign in my driving attitude LOL. I drive under the false presumption that I'm the best driver in the world, and the only people who find it funny are Matt and my friend H. I think the rest of the people who ride in my car worry about my sanity...

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is absolutely heart wrenching - it seems horrible that I'm here griping about gas prices when some people lost EVERYTHING. I sent in a donation - albeit not as much as I would've liked to have donated if I had been able. If you haven't donated and would like to, this is a link to the Red Cross through Yahoo! You can donate between $25 and $5,000, and I know that there's many, many other sites that have links available to sites you can donate at. One of the families in my FRG just recently moved to Louisiana, so everyone's been pooling together in an effort to send them things they need. Thankfully, they evacuated before the hurricane hit, but obviously they didn't think this would be as disastrous as it has been - they lost everything!! My prayers go out to all the people who were affected by this :-(

Matt is doing well and has gotten the opportunity to call me a few times in the last week. You maybe have noticed the ever shortening countdown in my sidebar - I've been changing it in correspondence to the ever-changing date of Matt's homecoming, which - YES! - has finally started to become a topic of conversation among his commanding officers. It's sounding really good that they won't serve their entire BOG ("Boots on Ground") time, but with all things military, I don't want to get my hopes up. I was excited when Matt told me, but with the army's tendency to say one thing and do another, I'll believe it when I see it. Don't fall in love with the plan, right? The unit that will be relieving Matt's has already been alerted for deployment and will be reporting for their predeployment training VERY shortly.

I've started to get very uneasy as the parliamentary elections get nearer - they fall on the day before my birthday!! I'm not really sure how I should feel about them, and I know (or rather I hope) that Matt will be safe and sound, but it's tough to add any certainty to these statements. The only thing I want for my birthday this year is a phone call from Matt saying that everyone's okay, a news report that the elections went off without a hitch. I feel like everything in the deployment will be okay once these elections are over with. Please keep the Afghans and the troops in Afghanistan in your prayers as well as the victims of Katrina! There's so much unrest in the world, and while I'd like to believe everything will turn out okay, the fact of the matter is it's scary....

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