+Monday, September 26, 2005+
One of our chinooks crashed yesterday. Matt is okay (in the lowest sense of the word). Two of the 5 guys onboard were from our small Nevada Guard unit, so needless to say, our conversation when he called last night was of the most morbid kind. When I got a call last night from our RDC confirming fears that it was our unit, my stomach dropped; I'd been praying all day that the chinook wasn't ours and that I'd be getting that email that says "Everyone in the unit is okay." These are the first (and hopefully) the last casualities from our unit, and the whole situation hit me with the full force of its severity. There's something that shakes your foundation when you realize it is so close to home, something that makes it really horribly real. For a while there I'd kind of let myself forget that Matt was in a war zone; I'd really started to believe that everyone from our unit was going to make it back okay. I can't even begin to imagine how the families who were deeply affected yesterday must be feeling. This "forgotten war" is still taking lives, and my thoughts are prayers are with the wives and children of the men who were killed yesterday. God bless.

wishing matt was here @ 10:11 AM+

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