+Tuesday, August 02, 2005+
Just a mere three more days till the countdown to the wedding can really begin. I haven't wanted to allow myself to get too excited over a wedding next August when this August hadn't even rolled around yet, but I think I can put my reluctancy aside now. :-) My bridal shower is on Sunday, and at the risk of sounding selfish, very few gifts have been purchased off my registry and knowing my mom's friends, I have this inkling of a fear that I'm going to get a lot of gifts I don't want. Mine and Matt's pup also gets to make an appearance at my shower - I wouldn't have asked if I didn't know the woman hosting it was an avid dog-lover - so for all your viewing enjoyment, I've included a picture so you can see the torture I've submitted him to. LOL. Matt would be horrified if he knew I was playing dress up with his dog. I can't wait to see his reaction to the photos I send him of from my bridal shower.

I got this adorable puppy polo off eBay (click picture to enlarge), but much to my dismay, I underestimated the measurements of an XL. It doesn't fit!! I had to snip part of it for it to even fit (and I had to bribe him heavily with treats to get him to hold still for me to put it on - notice how thrilled he looks in the photo. LOL. Like father like son!). Since she's getting bigger and older, I also took the liberty of getting Freedom a new collar. We had a full-fledged bidding war over it, but ultimately I won, as I very well should have - to think that any other cat is worthy of wearing a collar this cute is absolutely asinine. I'm convinced it was made especially for her. Oh gosh! I've become an eBay addict!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I did not go to my "friend's" wife's baby shower. I sent my regrets in the morning, but for some reason they saw it fit to bombard my voice mail and answering machine with awful messages. Se le vie. I suppose it wasn't too polite of me to tell them the morning of I wouldn't be attending, but it also wasn't too considerate to give me so little notice of the shower. So there you have it - an eye for an eye. I haven't returned any of the messages I was left. I'm actually pretty appalled that they don't seem to understand why I didn't go; do I need to spell it out on a large banner for them?? Perhaps I'll just link them to my blog and let them read all the nice things I wrote about them :-)

Anyway! I've been tagged by the wonderful and friendly Deanne with the question "What is on my nightstand?" Nothing much interesting, that's for sure! Hehe. Alright, so what exactly is on my nightstand, you say?

That's it! My exciting nightstand - thank God we don't have to list what's INSIDE the drawers - far, far too much to list. That's where I stick all my clutter! Well, I suppose now I have to tag someone in return, so I'm going to tag Beth. :-) Have fun girl!

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