+Friday, August 12, 2005+
From the beginning when I started this blog, I've opted out of using it as a resource to express my political views and instead have hoped to have it serve as somewhat of an outlet for other military wives/girlfriends/fiances. I love it when I'm emailed for advice because that was what I had hoped to achieve through my blog. However, some posts in some blogs I frequent were brought to my attention today, and I find it extremely difficult not to at least make mention of it here.

The ongoing debate seems to be between Grey Eagle (a female soldier) and Sarah over at Trying to Grok and is in regards to women in the military - not so much as to whether or not they should be allowed in combat situations, but more along the lines of what role they play in the adultery that is committed on the bases overseas. I'm choosing not to voice my opinion on this matter - this is not news to me, it doesn't come as a shock or surprise, and is something I know is happening on the base Matt's located on as well as many many other bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I can't find the permalink's for Grey Eagle's individual posts, but you can scroll through and find her mentions of the matter fairly easily on her blog. You can find mentions of it on Sarah's blog here, here, here, and here. While I've chosen not to share with everyone my exact feelings on this issue, I will say that cheating is not okay. EVER. I find there are no circumstances where it should be allowed to slide either on behalf of the spouses or their soldiers. Being under "stress" is a terrible excuse and no reason to commit adultery. My concerns do not reside in single soldiers who find love in war. What sickens me is the married couples who're making cuckolds of each other - both the soldiers overseas and their spouses back home. I reiterate firmly that cheating is not okay. Period. What the hell ever happened to for better for worse? The people who've done this and have used the war to justify their actions absolutely disgust me.

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