+Wednesday, August 10, 2005+
Ah, half way through another week. I typically hate Wednesdays - it's much easier to pull through the day with the knowledge that tomorrow is Thursday. And boy, do I love Thursdays (really).

This past Sunday, some of my mom's cronies threw a bridal shower for me, and it was a great time. I got a lot of gifts - more than I ever even received for my birthday when I was young and cute and spoiled rotten (well, I'm still the first two....hehehehehe) - but of all the material possessions I received, I'd have to say the best gift was something so simple yet so personal I got from Matt's mom.

You can't tell so well in the picture I have posted, but as you probably know (or have at least guessed), my engagement ring has 3 diamonds in it. What you don't know is that two of these diamonds have a history - and one is in the process of weaving a great love story :-) The biggest diamond in the center is almost 100 years old; it's an heirloom from the maternal side of Matt's family, and is so old, its cut is obsolete and therefore extremely rare - you can't find a new diamond cut like this anymore. One of the smaller side diamonds comes from Matt's paternal side, and the third diamond is the one Matt bought for me that has little history behind it now, but will one day be handed down to our children as proof of our enduring love.

A week or two before the shower, I emailed Matt's mom and asked her if she would mind terribly typing out and emailing me the complete story behind each of the diamonds on my ring. I thought I should know their histories since I wear them on my finger every day. She went a step further - she researched it completely, had it printed out on really nice thick paper, and binded together with a ribbon. My heart swelled when she gave me this gift; and the thought put into it and the wording of the stories brought tears to my eyes. Nothing could've topped this gift.

If you didn't happen to catch my "sneak preview" of the pictures from my bridal shower, you can view them here. It really was a beautiful party, and I've begun to prep myself for what seems like the thousands of thank-you notes I have to write (it's more like 30, but hey, that's a lot!!). Having everyone celebrate the wedding makes it seem more tangible - it's so much closer now!!

I don't have much else to post about. So many different news syndicates have posted so many different dates the Afghan elections will supposedly take place on; the latest I've heard is September 19. Oh, goody. Happy birthday me :-( I've moved into a rather awkward stage of the deployment (for myself at least) where more than anything, I'm just utterly annoyed. I'm antsy and impatient and irritable and would give my left arm for Matt to come home tomorrow. Are you kidding? I just did 7 months and now I have to do 7 MORE? I know it'll go by quickly, but the thought of spending Thanksgiving and Christmas without Matt depresses me to no end - even the idea of have a Mattless Halloween disgusts me. Halloween has always been kind of "our" holiday. Last year we dressed up as Hugh Hefner and one of his bunnies - this year I don't want to do anything, not with my girl H, not with my family, not with anyone, because Halloween is something that was always ours. Sure, it sounds silly, but every couple has their "things," and Halloween is one of ours.

School starts in about 2 and a half weeks, and I'm craving the busy schedule I'll have. I signed up for 9 credits this semester to work around my full time job, my redecorating, and my wedding planning. The idle time I have now seems to sit at a stand still, and it's been driving me mad. In the attempt to find things to keep me preoccupied, our house has become impossibly clean. I leave the TV on just to fill my overly quiet house with noise. I talk to my pets like they're people. I was upset that my dad wouldn't come help me hang shelves TODAY, and I have to wait a couple days. I go out with friends on the weekend but never seem to have as much fun as I should because in the back of my mind I keep thinking that this time is a means to an end. Hurry home Matt!! LOL.

Well, I suppose that's enough griping for one day....

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