+Wednesday, April 06, 2005+
We had another scare this morning upon receiving news of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashing in southeast Afghanistan, made even more nerve racking considering ours is a CH-47 Chinook helicopter unit. I don't know how abundant those choppers are over there, but I didn't think a helicopter that's basically a bus with rotors would be as common as, say, a Black Hawk.

Lucky for me, I didn't even know about the crash until I got into work and read the mass email sent out by our RDC assuring us that it was NOT our unit, so I was able to save myself a lot of unnecessary worrying and quickly passed word to Matt's family that everything was okay. I also got to sort through the 50+ emails from the hens of my FRG, and in response to all their emails, I sent out one that simply said, "no news is good news."

I was so relieved to hear it wasn't our unit, but at the same time, I feel really bad for feeling relieved because people still died. Families still lost their loved ones. There's 16 separate families out there right now getting that dreaded knock on the door. That could've been us. That could've been one of our choppers. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been affected by this. God will take care of your loved ones and watch over you.

Please excuse my rash change of subject here, but I can only dwell on bad things for so long before they start to break me down and make me worry, so I have to move on to a lighter note.

Last night it was back to school and back to my usual schedule. It's funny how it takes so long to get into a routine when it involves doing something you don't necessarily enjoy doing (like learning about rocks), but it's easy as pie to drop that routine at the snap of a finger (I don't actually know how easy pie is though). It seems all I did yesterday was groan about how I had to go back to class, but the truth of the matter is, I really am grateful for it. If I learned anything from my spring break this year, it's that having no time and keeping busy is far better than sitting around thinking about how much I miss Matt, letting myself linger on the pain. Of course, I can't say I don't think about how much I miss Matt while I'm in class because that would be a lie. More often than not, my hour and 15 minutes of geology results in doodles such as this one (click on image to see full size):

This was what I learned in class last night (please excuse that the American flag is inaccurate and the cat is bigger than the dog....it's not to scale). It started out simply as a little soldier (I call him my "little soldier dude" and I've been drawing him since I was 15, so if anyone tries to steal him, you must answer to ME...muwahahaha....anyway...) and progressed into a whole little scenario, so I cut it out of my notebook and mailed it to Matt. I figured my unrefined scribbles would bring a smile to his day; and I'll more than likely get a "you need to pay attention in class" lecture because my baby knows the importance of an edumacation, but I'll risk it if it gets a smile out of him.

wishing matt was here @ 3:55 PM+

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