+Thursday, April 21, 2005+
I'm stuck in a rut at work because our network is down, and aside from busy work that I really don't want to do (i.e. filing an insanely large stack of papers I've been neglecting in hopes that someone else will finally get sick of looking at that stack and file it themselves, making labels on a...ugh...TYPEWRITER, etc), pretty much my entire job is based around what's on the network, so since I have nothing to do, I thought, gee I haven't blogged in a few days. Hmmm. Two and two DOES make four.

Apparently the army's up in arms over the Yahoo! group our FRG started, and it's no wonder since the family members of the group are basically pushing the limits of OPSEC as far as they possibly can. They're straining the line and it's only a matter of time before it breaks - if it hasn't already. There was a situation that happened in our unit (I'm sorry I can't share it here as I don't want to make matters worse), and as soon as one wife found out about it, oh boy, did the sh$t start flying around our Yahoo! group. I've pretty much opted out of participating in the group emails as I've found that they never really benefit me in being "supportive." The idea behind the basis of the FRG is really a great one, but I've found more support and help in my blog and the other military wives I've met through my blog (and whose blogs I read). I find it difficult to relate to more than a handful of the girls in my local FRG. Everyone else is just so quick to jump to conclusions, share those conclusions with the group, and cause mass panic. That's not my idea of being supportive. Is that awful of me to say? That I don't like my FRG?

After a call getting disconnected yesterday (this seems to happen to us a lot...), Matt called me this morning to let me know that he's really busy in the next month and that I probably won't hear from him much if at all. This is what I've been dreading. I freak out if I go 8 days without hearing from him...A MONTH? Well, at least I had some forewarning instead of him just NOT calling.

When I talked to him this morning, he told me a story of how he went to give a little Afghan boy a muffin and the little boy took off running (gee, what's so scary about a 6 foot tall soldier with a big ass gun?), so he called out to the boy and when he stopped, Matt put the muffin on the ground and stepped away from it and the little boy came running back to eat it and just seemed so happy. My heart melted. Oh, I know, it's so cliche - the hero soldier giving the little boy from a war torn country some food. There's only about a billion pictures of the exact same scenario, but it's different when the hero soldier is my Matt, and I was absolutely overcome with an enormous feeling of pride. Are the men and women of our military not the most amazing and selfless people in the world? To give up all the luxuries of their every day life and spend months - years even - helping others. I don't think I could possibly be more proud of what Matt's doing. He is an American soldier and that is just....Bad. Ass. To all our soldiers: Thank you. You all f-ing ROCK.

Matt's parents are coming into Reno tomorrow for his mom's birthday, so I've decided to take the night off class and clean. My house isn't really all that messy, per se, but I like to make it spotless for Matt's mom...you know, just incase she's judging my housekeeping skills. LOL. I must be worthy of her son! Mainly I just need to dust and pick up, but if I'm thorough about it (which I usually am when the in-laws come into town), it'll take me at least a couple hours not to mention I still have to finish making her birthday gift, so I feel my reasons for not going to class are totally valid, and let's be honest here - I really don't like the class and there's a mere 3 weeks left in the semester. Missing tonight's lecture on running water certainly won't affect my grade.

For Matt's mom's birthday, I've decided to put my newfound creativity to work. Right before Matt left, we went skiing and took just about the most adorable picture of us ever, so I bought a plain white frame and am decorating it with white glitter (the kind they use for fake snow), white flowers, little snowflake stickers, and a tiny wooden snowman - a winter frame for a winter picture. I'll post a picture of it when I'm finished pending it doesn't end up looking like a botched kindergarten project. Since Matt's left, I've discovered that I'm quite crafty. Hell, I can even color in the lines! Who ever said homemade gifts should only be from 5 year olds? Michael's and the scrapbooking section of Target are my new favorite places to browse for things I don't really need.

Summer's finally coming and I've actually been kind of dreading what I'm going to do to pass time when I don't have class to go to after work (you know, like the class I'm not going to tonight?). I thought about signing up for a summer course, but every night after work for 3 hours just seemed a bit too much. I don't enjoy school that much. Instead I decided to sign up for a kickboxing aerobics class! It's all summer long, 2 nights a week when I get off work, and I figure it'll not only give me something to do, but get me in shape too. Can't complain with that. God knows it's healthier than what I've been doing after work and class thusfar in the deployment (sitting on the couch watching TV and eating pizza. Lots and lots of pizza). I've been trying to get a few of my girlfriends to sign up with me - even tried a little threatening - but to no avail. The consensus among my girls seems to be that they're all either broke or lazy or both. Ah, well. It'll give me the opportunity to make new friends, and one can never have too many friends!

I love you, Matty. You truly are my hero!

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