+Wednesday, February 09, 2005+
I didn't learn anything new at my FRG meeting - at least nothing I didn't already know. Our FRG leader didn't say anything to me about my blog because she wasn't even there! The whole meeting was ran by our RDC who told us they were uncertain of the dates the guys would get off IF they got any days off at all, and that if they were to send a plane out to pick up just the guys from Nevada it would invoke jealousy in the troops from Oregon and Washington blah blah blah.

I got to talk to Matt for a good long time yesterday. He had the day off, so we emailed back and forth for a while and talked on the phone for about an hour. What he'd told me was entirely different from what was laid out for us at the meeting - it sounded like each guy was getting a 4-day pass that they could put in for, and since I'm flying out there as opposed to Matt coming back here, it makes things a lot easier. He told me he was going to try and put in for his leave next weekend - President's Day weekend.

I was absolutely glowing all day yesterday. I was effervescent and cheery, I got more work done than I think I ever have in a day. Why SHOULDN'T I be happy? I got to talk to Matt for a good long while AND there's a possibility I'd get to see him next weekend! You can probably tell from the tone I'm writing in that I'm not going to see him next weekend. Okay, I can't drag this out anymore; I was trying to make it all mysterious, like give it a surprise ending, but I just can't do it anymore 'cause I'm too damn excited.

I GET TO SEE HIM THIS WEEKEND!!!!! WE GET TO SPEND VALENTINE'S DAY TOGETHER!!! I got home from class last night and had barely pulled my boots off when Matt called and said, "So baby, how's coming out to Oklahoma this weekend sound?" How's it sound? I'll tell you how it sounded - it sounded like me screaming my head off like one might do if they'd won the lottery. No sooner had I hung up the phone with Matt than I had his parents booking me a flight and my parents booking me a rental car - I have very loving in-laws and parents!

Okay, okay, so this is 95%, but with the army, 95% is good enough for me, and I wouldn't have booked plane tickets if Matt hadn't said, "Book 'em." Everything is totally refundable in the event that the army changes its mind like it so often likes to do, but hot damn!! I get to see my baby this weekend!! IN TWO FREAKING DAYS! The bad thing is after this I won't see him again until probably October or November, but nonetheless, here I was worrying that I might not get to see him at all before he left for Afghanistan and now I get to spend four full days with him! Words cannot express how happy I am, though I'm sure my fellow military wives know the feeling well ;-)

I could barely sleep last night. I was literally bouncing off walls after I got off the phone with Matt and had my flight and everything booked. The Roommate got to listen to my fast, excited, and somewhat incoherent babble for a good half hour before her boyfriend saved her, and I called a few friends so they could listen to my fast, excited, and somewhat incoherent babble. I know I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, and I definitely won't be able to sleep Thursday as my flight leaves early Friday morning. AHHH!! Thank you God! Thank you thank you thank you!

One of the soldiers at Ft. Sill in Matt's unit started a Yahoo! group for our FRG complete with pictures and everything. Matt's a dork and hasn't taken any pictures, so it was nice to be able to see some of what they're doing at Ft. Sill. I found this picture there, and drew a little arrow because I swear that's Matt. It has to be!! If it's not, well, then I feel silly.

I tried blowing the picture up in hopes that I could tell more, but that just distorted it. I know I know....I'm a little strange, but I'm dying so much to see him. I tried to get him to stand by the webcam they have on Ft. Sill's website yesterday since he had the day off, and he said he'd love to, but I'd have to tell him where it is. "By the flag pole" didn't cut it though because apparently there's a lot of flag poles at Ft. Sill. "By the beige building," "by something that looks like a cannon," and "by a parking lot" didn't prove to be much more of a help. He started cracking up when I said "by something that looks like a cannon." "Baby, Ft. Sill is an artillery base. There's a lot of things like cannons everywhere." Thanks Matt. Love ya.

Well, I probably won't be updating again until I get back from Ft. Sill next Wednesday :-) I'm all smiles right now! I'm in such a good mood that I get to go see my baby! Unless of course things fall through and I don't get to go. Grrrr. But that won't happen!!! It just can't!!

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