+Thursday, February 24, 2005+
No further news on Matt's leave, but I'm perfectly satisfied with that. After all, no news is good news! He had yesterday off, so I not only got a wake up call from him, but we emailed back and forth all morning, and he called me at work. I love days when I get to talk to him a few times; he seems to be in much better spirits than he has been for the better part of his stint at Ft. Sill. I can tell he's so excited for me to come out there next week, and it makes me so happy to know that he needs this just as much as I do. More than anything, I think he's anxious to get to Afghanistan.

My mom came down to Reno last night to take me shopping after work (I know the real reason was to help keep me occupied as I count down the days till Monday, but she'd never admit that hahaha). When we were leaving the second store, my mom couldn't find her keys. She fished through her purse for a good 10 minutes to no avail, so I volunteered to go retrace our steps and see if they'd fallen out of a pocket somewhere. I knew I wouldn't find them. In fact, they were exactly where I knew they'd be - in the ignition locked inside the car.

Lately, I always try to find the best in a bad situation - at least I have since Matt left and everything became a "bad situation" - but locking keys in the car is something that has always cracked me up. I never get frustrated when I do it, and perhaps it's because I do it so often, but the irony of locking keys in the car strikes me as one of the funniest things ever. About a year and a half ago Matt locked his keys in his truck when we went to the Nevada State Fair. The window was rolled down just enough that we were able to stick a rake through it (yes, a rake...for some strange reason Matt happened to have a rake in the bed of his truck) and with the tongs of the rake pull the keys out of the ignition and through the window.

The adventure of getting the keys out of my mom's car wasn't nearly as fun. I crawled around underneath the car for a while looking for a magnetic hide-a-key that my mom insisted was under there before we gave up and called my dad to drive down to Reno with the spare. We ordered a pizza while we waited for my dad to make the hour long drive from Tahoe and then were able to commence with our shopping.

I heard about this story the other day - a man posing as an officer (even had a dress uniform) went to the door of a woman who's husband is deployed to Iraq and informed her that her husband was dead as a hoax. This pisses me off. This pisses me right the fuck off. Not only is it sick and disturbing that some dick would actually find HUMOR in this, but in my opinion, toying with the emotions of the wife of one of our troops fighting overseas, DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY, should be considered treason. That is seriously just fucked up. If you'd like, you can read the whole story
here. I hope this guy's karma catches up to him fast. I hope he gets run over by a semi when he's walking down the street one day, but instead of having the quick release of death, I hope that he's paralyzed and has to contemplate his disgusting idea of a joke for the rest of his miserable life.

I know the wife didn't fall for it - we're all given a briefing on the way casualty notification works - and this guy showing up with an improper uniform by himself didn't fool her, but that some asshole actually thought this up and thought it would be funny to falsely tell a wife of her husband's death makes me want to vomit. Deployment is a two-sided ordeal - at least two people's lives are greatly affect: the one at war, and the one(s) at home waiting, and to belittle the role of a military wife by doing something like this makes me so mad I can't even express my anger in words. This is every wife/fiance/girlfriend's biggest fear - to get that knock on their door and know that their lives are never going to be the same again. IT IS NOT A FUNNY FUCKING JOKE. It really deeply disturbs and upsets me that someone would do this.

In brighter news (I have to move on before I end up slamming my fist into my monitor), congratulations to
Jennifer and Karen on their hubbies coming home this week. I'm so happy for you guys making it through this year, and I can't wait till I'm in the same position and making Matt his welcome home banners. You are both such an inspiration to me and proof that I can make it through this year despite how far away that proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" seems. You both rock! Thank you so much for being a solace to me :-)

I probably won't be updating again until I get back from Ft. Sill (unless, of course, Matt's leave gets cancelled), but I'll have lots of pictures then and the status of my Hometown Hotties entry.

I love you so much, baby! I can't wait to see you! FOUR DAYS!!!!

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